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Chiropractic FAQ

What can I expect durng a New Patient Examination?

There is some paperwork to get your details and some previous medical history. The examination will entail a short review of your medical history and then a physical examination testing nerves, muscles and joints. You will be asked to put on an examination gown keeping your underwear on, as signs of trauma and damage can often be seen on the skin.

Will I get treated at the end of the New Patient Examination?

Normal practice is not to do any treatment until you have had your Report of Findings, but some gentle care will be given if needed. The examination tests your body and so treatment on the same day can often lead to discomfort.

What is a Report of Findings?

A Report of Findings is the report back to you about what was found in the examination. It also details the number of treatments, costs of those treatments and expected time period. We feel that you need to understand what we can do for you before you can have an informed choice as to what you woud like to do. There is no obligation to take up treatment. The Report of Findings is included in the New Patient Examination cost.

Will I need to have X-rays taken?

X-rays will only be requested if there is a sufficent medical need to justify them. Our moving body relies on four parts: muscles, ligaments, joints and bone. X-rays are very good at looking at bone but this only makes up about 25% of what is going on and so will not be taken unless necessary.

Can I only have one treatment?

You have the right to stop treatment at any point you feel that you are not benefiting from the treatment. Normally one treatment will not deal with the cause of your pain or discomfort, unfortunately no magic wand exists. By dealing with the cause, the risk of it occuring again goes down greatly.