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Common causes of Headaches

Headaches – perhaps the most common ailment in the world. Yet many people do not know what causes them. Headaches can have many, many different triggers. From nerve irritation to misalignment of the spine, muscle tension to stress… the list is endless. Don’t you want to stop your headaches at the source, rather than masking the pain with pain relief tablets? if you would like to discover how to relieve painful headaches at source without strong medication please call the Thrive Clinic, Verwood on 01202 825686  to book a consultation.

Types of Headaches

There are a vast array of different types of headache, but the threecommon types are: tension, migraines and cervicogenic headaches.

Tension headaches and migraines are in some ways similar, as they can both cause chronic pain, tiredness and nausea. However, whilst migraines present as an intense throbbing, tension headaches seem like more of a dull tightness in the scalp. In severe cases, migraines and tension headaches could seriously affect your concentration and migraines may even impair your vision.

Cervicogenic headaches are very different to tension headaches and migraines, though tension headaches and migraines may have a cervicogenic component to them. This is because cervicogenic headaches are secondary  – they are caused by pain which originates in the neck, meaning that cervicogenic headaches are actually a symptom of a much deeper issue.

What we do to Diagnose and Treat

Our chiropractors are trained to a high level and are very experienced, so they are well equipped with the skills and qualifications necessary to diagnose you. They’ll take into account your age and past medical history, and may recommend further X-Rays or scans to confirm your diagnosis.

After you’ve been diagnosed, our chiropractors may use adjustment techniques to treat you, if your headache has a cervicogenic component. This would involve applying a specific amount of pressure to the cervical spine, releasing built up tension and pressure.

We can also advise you on how to reduce your stress levels, which will go a long way in preventing future headaches.

Once my Headache stops, does the Chiropractic Care end?

Even though people visit the doctor and dentist regularly, they do not always visit chiropractors. Perhaps this is because chiropractic care is not well known. But the fact of the matter is that if you undergo chiropractic care regularly, you can prevent headaches, back pain and neck pain, and hopefully we can help you unlock your physical potential. If you’re still unsure as to whether chiropractic care is right for you or if you’re looking at receiving chiropractic care, then call the clinic on 01202 825686 and speak to one of our expert team members.