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Neck Pain

Common causes of Neck Pain

Neck Pain
The cervical spine, known as the ‘neck’, is made up of fragile bones know as vertebrae. Discs separate the vertebrae and then the neck is stabilised by joints and ligaments. Finally, the neck is moved by muscles.

Due to the neck being so mobile, joints, ligaments, discs and muscles can be easily damaged. Neck pain can be triggered by trauma such as whiplash, by arthritis or by moving heavy objects improperly. Even sleeping in certain positions can cause stiffness in the neck and shoulders.

There are many more injuries, diseases or traumas which can cause neck pain and it is important to resolve such issues as soon as possible, so they do not develop into more serious problems.

Types of Pain

Soft tissue sprains or muscles strain are probably the most common type of neck pain. This type of pain can be caused by your sleeping positions, lifting of objects or traumas such as car accidents.

Chronic and more severe neck pain can be a result of soft tissue or muscles strains that have been left untreated, or by issues like a herniated disc or a nerve which is being pinched in the neck due to foraminal stenosis. In the most severe cases, chronic neck pain can result in pain, or numbness, radiating through the shoulders and down the arms.

Whatever your ailment is, Thrivet Clinic is here to help! We can provided non-surgical methods of therapy which will help to resolve pain and discomfort felt in the neck.

What we do to Diagnose and Treat

When you come for the first time to our clinic , the chiropractor will discuss your medical history before examining you. Occasionally further tests, scans or x-rays may be required.

After you’ve been diagnosed, treatment can begin. Adjustment techniques may be used and this would involve the manipulation of your cervical spine, by your chiropractor. The manipulation of the joints and bones in your neck will help to relieve tension and improve mobility. Then, we’ll also give you advice on how to improve bad posture which may be causing issues, and lifestyle improvements which help to prevent pain from reoccurring.